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Frequently Asked Questions


It’s not mandatory, but highly recommended to avoid potential queues, wait times at ticket counters, and they are even more affordable. You can purchase online tickets for The Cave of Nerja through our website.


  • For people with disabilities: presenting an accreditation card.
  • For people over 65 years: presenting a +65 card.
  • For youth: presenting a youth card.
  • For large families: presenting a Spanish large family card.

Here you can find more information about discounts on entry to The Cave of Nerja.

People with a disability of more than 33% can benefit from a reduced rate of a 2€ discount on the entrance fee to The Cave.

Yes. From the website cuevadenerja.es, you can purchase your tickets on any device with Android or iOS.


Your ticket specifies an exact visit time, which will avoid waiting lines.


First, check that it hasn’t been caught in your email’s Spam folder. If you haven’t received it, you can contact us via email at admon@cuevadenerja.com, and we will send you the tickets.

Remember, with the purchase of online tickets, it’s not necessary to queue, and you can enter directly.

It’s not strictly necessary to print the tickets; the ticket with the QR code can be shown through the screen of any mobile device. Above all, remember that there is a special entrance for those who have made an online purchase through our website.

It’s not essential, but highly recommended to avoid potential queues, waiting time at the ticket counters, and they are even more affordable. You can buy the online tickets for The Cave of Nerja through our website.

No changes or refunds are accepted. The Cave of Nerja does not accept changes or refunds of the ticket price as already informed during the online ticket purchase process through the sales platform on The Cave of Nerja’s website.


Early in the morning (from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM) is less crowded, making the visit more comfortable. Keep in mind that visiting hours vary throughout the year. You can check the visiting hours for The Cave here.

Yes, all groups (starting from 20 people) must book in advance. Reservations can be requested via email at admon3@cuevadenerja.es or by phone, at 952 529 520 (from 9 AM to 3 PM Monday to Friday).

Yes, if arranged in advance, it’s possible to have a guided or audio-guided tour for groups which includes the same areas as the individual visit to The Cave of Nerja. The audio-guided tour is offered in 15 languages. Upon request, ask for your ticket in the language. More information and reservations at the ticket office, by calling 952 529 520 or via email admon3@cuevadenerja.es

The audio-guided tour is offered in 15 languages: German, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Dutch, French, English, Italian, Polish, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, and Japanese.


The visit to The Cave of Nerja has an approximate duration of about 50 minutes.


Special Visit: Nighttime with Miguel Joven “Tito” a different and exclusive experience, which allows discovering the corners of The Cave of Nerja with an unparalleled ambassador.

The Cave of Nerja has an interesting educational project, with proposals adapted to different levels and ages. It features 6 educational classrooms and its own team of specialized professionals. You can contact through this link.


The aim is to prevent damage to the cave paintings and the rock surface they are drawn on. Cave paintings are very fragile and sensitive to changes in the natural environment. They cannot be illuminated, to prevent an increase in the rock’s temperature and the development of photosynthetic microorganisms (green sickness), as both processes can lead to the deterioration of the pigments and the wall itself. Furthermore, the presence of people near the panels of cave art would alter the microclimate of their surroundings. Human presence increases the temperature, humidity, and concentration of carbon dioxide in the air, parameters that in turn affect the processes of precipitation-dissolution of the rock support and the processes of evaporation-condensation of water, all of which are key in the conservation of the paintings and supports. People also introduce organic elements into the cave interior (hair, skin cells…), which serve as “food” for fungi, the number one enemy of caves with cave art. Therefore, it is important to keep people away from the cave paintings.

We have an obligation to protect and conserve the art of our prehistoric ancestors. Can we count on your cooperation?

In accordance with the measures requested by the Nerja Cave Research Institute for the proper conservation of the cave, pets are not allowed inside, for hygiene reasons, not even in carriers, except for guide dogs.


Free audio guide if you download it to your mobile phone in advance Here! The audio-guided visit through the App is offered in 15 languages: German, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Dutch, French, English, Italian, Polish, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, and Japanese. There is also a children’s audio guide available in this App, in Spanish and English.

The Cave of Nerja has a locker room where you can leave everything you wish to make your visit more comfortable (backpacks, suitcases, baby strollers, etc.).

You also have access to a restaurant-cafeteria, gift shop, information office, photography service, parking areas, pedestrian trail, children’s playground, picnic area, accessible restrooms, nursing room, botanical garden, landscaped areas, bus stops, and a tourist train cave (cave-museum route).

It depends on the degree of disability. It’s important to consider that the cave has areas with stairs, totaling 458 steps.

The cave has more than 458 steps and several changes in level, so it’s not recommended for people with reduced mobility or health issues such as coronary deficiencies.

Furthermore, people who suffer from claustrophobia may be affected when accessing the cavity.

If you have any health problems, ask your doctor and also mention it before entering the cave.

In this regard, the creation of a virtual reality room is being studied to show The Cave of Nerja to those for whom access to the cavity is complicated or impossible.

The parking at The Cave of Nerja costs 2€ per day. It is paid with 2 coins of 1 euro each. Bring change or stop by the ticket office so we can exchange it for you.


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