Discover the hidden secrets of Nerja Cave. A 360º Experience that will reveal the main secrets of the cavity and the wonders of our history.

The visit to the Virtual Reality Room within the Nerja Cave complex is included with your ticket to tour the grotto. This does not apply to free visits.

Discover an adventure that begins 35,000 years ago, led by Tadeo Jones_

Explore with Tadeo Jones! Immerse yourself in the secrets of Nerja Cave and its surroundings with the largest Virtual Reality Room in Europe.

And experience a magical and mysterious immersive journey!

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Nerja Cave Virtual Reality Room

The Virtual Reality Room at the Nerja Cave complex represents an innovation that brings visitors even closer to the cave after they finish the physical tour. The Virtual Reality technology implemented in Nerja Cave allows visitors, through special glasses, to feel as if they are actually in the place being shown, thanks to a 360º immersive simulation.

This technological innovation makes this Cultural Heritage site more accessible to all its visitors. Every important little space of the grotto can be admired up close.

Nerja Cave is the first natural monument in Spain to have a Virtual Reality Room

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Nerja Cave has incorporated this new technology into its visitor offerings, thereby becoming the first natural monument in Spain with a virtual reality room. This space can accommodate up to 360 people every hour. It also enables a simulated visit for those visitors who currently cannot access the cave due to health reasons – as the complete tour includes 458 steps – and displays elements that cannot currently be seen for conservation and accessibility reasons.

Specifically, visitors will be able to discover the High Galleries and the New Galleries, as well as the cave paintings. In fact, Nerja Cave is the European cavity with the most prehistoric art, earning it international recognition. However, due to their age and fragility, these artworks cannot be shown during the visit, as lighting can cause irreversible damage. Now, they can be viewed thanks to Virtual Reality.

This entire experience is guided by Tadeo Jones, Mediaset’s most famous animated character, who welcomes visitors in this visual encounter.



Nerja Cave is located about 50 km from the city of Málaga. Access to it from Málaga is very easy and is done via the Mediterranean Motorway (A-7), in the direction of Almería. Exit 295, signposted as ‘Cueva de Nerja’, will lead you directly to the grotto. In addition, a regular bus line connects Nerja Cave with the provincial capital. More information.

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